ARCHERY TRAP - Created by Laporte®

An amazing innovation to share the pleasure of Shooting Sports with everyone, anywhere, anytime

Something you must try !

We are very proud to have launched our Phœnix® range of archery traps.
With this incredible innovation, we have opened the way to new disciplines in archery and paintball, dynamic and telegenic games that attract new players every day.

Up to 65 Targets loaded

Safe arrows with "Flu-Flu" max distance 40m

Can be used indoor and outdoor - Water and mud resistant

Ideal for beginners, professionals and arc hers of all ages

Variable throwing tracks (Vertical, rainbow and rolling rabbit)

Ease of implementation
Guaranteed fun
Return on investment

"Can be used safely outside and inside"

Would you like to increase your income?

The Archery Trap was invented by Jean-Michel Laporte to give Shooting Ground a chance to attract a new type of clientele. 100% safe and addicting!

Archery in the UK

Sporting Arrow BSA

Archery in Texas

Indoor Shooting

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            ARCHERY TRAP known as SPORTING ARROWS for the Boy Scouts of America

            Archery Range Considerations for Laporte’s Bowtrap
            System is a bow with a maximum of a 26-pound pull and the Laporte proprietary safety arrows, or “Fluflu Arrows.”
            This is a new archery game where Scouts fire at foam disk that are launched in the air or rolled along the ground by a proprietary “Bowtrap” manufactured by Laporte –
            Laporte’s proprietary safety arrows, or “Flu-flu Arrows”, are design to be used with these foam targets and have a maximum range of 190 feet (see Drawing No. 1).

            Fall Areas:
            Because archers will be shooting at various angles, a 180 degree safety area, referred to as a fall area shall be fenced or marked in such a way to prevent people from accidentally walking into the sporting arrow range. The majority of the arrows will fall in the primary fall area, a 90 degree area centered in front of the shooters. This area should be clear of trees to ensure safety and help with the recovery of the arrows. It is permissible to have trees or other tall vegetation in the side fall areas, but they should be cleared if possible. The perimeter of this fall area shall be clearly marked. This could be permanent fence or a temporary fence/caution line. Permanent and temporary fences should be clearly marked and labeled to prevent people from accidentally walking on the range. Temporary fences should be installed in such a way that it will survive a weekend of activity and weather

            The Bows - The Summit Bechtel ReserveScouts BSA Shooting Sports | Boy Scouts of AmericaMoving Target Archery Lessons near Macclesfield at Into The BlueBeat Archery Practice Burnout With These 8 Great Targets |

            Supervisory Personnel:
            There should be a ratio of 1 Level I Archery instructor supervising up to 3 shooters on the range. Only 3 shooters allowed at one time on the range per Design Guideline 316 found at The Level I Archery instructor must be a minimum of 18 years old. This applies to year-round use of the sporting arrows program, both
            summer resident and year-round camping. Starting in the fall of 2016, the Level I instructor must also take a module showing how the program works to be qualified. This module should
            be shared by fall 2016 with all participating councils. If a council is in need of locating a Level I Archery instructor, there is a USA Archery website which lists who they are and where they are in the country. At this site, you can also find where the training opportunities are offered to get this certification. Go to:


            When setting up the range plan to include firing lines, waiting lines, benches, range flag and other features similar to the BSA 10 Yard range as illustrated on page 3 of
            Design Guideline 313 – Archery Ranges.

            Authorized Participation:

            To conduct these programs, councils need to complete an application and submit it for approval to the Outdoor Programs/Properties Department by email to

            Copyright and courtesy of BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA