DTL (Down The Line)

Choosing the Right Trap Has Never Been This Easy with Laporte®

Laporte® DTL Traps

LAPORTE® DTL traps built of the same quality and throwing accuracy as the Laporte® Olympics traps.
We have developed a horizontal oscillating base made of 100% zinc coated steel. The trap is fully adjustable to meet regulations for both the CPSA and ATA rules ensuring exacting and precise targets satisfying all your shooters expectations!


Up to 600 targets (18 columns)

Horizontal Movement

9 angles : 23° to 77°

Lifetime Warranty

Wear-resistant metal launching arm

Rustproof Throwing Plate

For a long lasting use

TURBO System:

Instant release with patented ATRDI

No rust on base

100% zinc coated steel

DTL description by Laporte


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            The DTL DISCIPLINE

            DTL (Down-the-line) popular in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.

            The traditional DTL shooting layout consists of 5 stands in a crescent shape 16 yards from the trap house from which a random target is launched.  The oscillating trap launches a random target set between 0 and 22.5 degrees to either side of a centre post between, 50–55 yards from the trap house. The clay should always be of a consistent height although it is variable for the horizontal angles. The average speed of the target upon release is usually 42mph +/- 1mph.