Standard resins, ecological and natural

Since clay shooting was invented, the real birds were replaced by a ball of glass, then came clay targets. A target does not contain clay but a filler like carbonate and a binder.Cole was originally used as a binder before being replaced by petrol pitch. Laporte are pleased to announce our eco-friendly clays.

Our beggar has created for a special petroleum resin (RP), a black resin that has been carefully prepared to be environmentally friendly and limit soil pollution. The resin is available in most countries.

LAPORTE® manufactures over 1.5 million clays per day that makes us the industry leaders in clay target production

We use the most experienced laboratories such as VERITAS to carry out thorough analysis to make sure clays are of the highest standard.

We are proud to meet the regulations of all countries thanks to our eco-resin including those of ISSF and natural resin

Obviously pricing increases when PAH decreases. That’s why we invested a lot to improve our manufacturing process to keep affordable prices.

Mater used by laporte clays

PAH: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon, one of a class of chemical compounds, organic pollutant

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