The Laporte clay target factories

Laporte: The clay target factories

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We are happy to show you our facilities for the production and storage of the clay targets of the Laporte Group.

The Laporte Group owns nowadays 2 factories of clay targets:

  • Laporte Industries
    • Located in Formerie (France).
    • Currently, with a production capacity up to 370 million clay targets per year. With state-of-the-art highly automated technology and completely prepared to combine the manufacturing of clay targets with 3 different mixtures, including low PAH environmental-friendly and 0-PAH natural clay targets and all kind of clay target types for the different clay shooting disciplines.  2 new presses will be installed in April 2021, since the plans of this company are to keep investing to improve the manufacturing, be more efficient and guarantee the quality of the product.
    • We keep in France a stock of 30 million clay targets and from there, we deliver all around the world. In approximately 6 hours we can deliver by truck in UK, Germany and in approximately 12 hours in Spain and Italy. Le Havre Port is also at 136 km distance from our factory.
  • CPC Laporte clay pigeon factory UK has a production capacity up t0 130 million clay targets per year and has been recently renewed.

Apart from these 2 manufacturing facilities, Laporte has an additional warehouse in Semaize, in the heart of Europe, with 4.500 m2 and 20 million clay targets of storage capacity. We are also restoring 2 press machines in these facilities.

However, without a doubt, the best asset of this company is the workforce, with highly trained and qualified staff, many of them are also passionate of this beautiful sport.

In 2020 the global manufacturing capacity of Laporte Group climbed up to 500 million clay targets per year. And in 2021 we aim to have 600  million clay target capacity.

We trust the future and keep investing, making progress everyday, leading from 1927 this amazing sport; the clay shooting.

The Laporte Group


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