2018 Diamond Classic at Greater Houston Gun Club – Laporte America

Another reason why we love so much to work for Laporte. We are so blessed to be surrounded by the very best people in the industry and incredibly talented shooters. Our Laporte Pro Shooters swept the podiums with amazing scores in what is known to be the hardest shoot every year: the 2018 Diamond Classic at Greater Houston Gun Club.

Once again, our very own Gebben Miles walks away from this nice club with a breathtaking win in the Main Event: Gebben shot a pair of 96 to finish 5 targets clear from runner-up, 2018 US Open Champion and Laporte Pro Shooter Cory Kruse. In 3rd and 4th overall positions come two other World class Laporte Pro Shooters Brad Kidd (M1) and Bobby Fowler Jr. (M2). Thank you guys for showing the way and be the greatest ambassadors for our sport. We are so proud to have you in the Family.After shooting off (98/100), Cory Kruse finishes 5-stand HOA and Bobby Fowler Jr. Runner Up, with Gebben Miles M3 and Dominic Gross Junior Champion.

Another epic shoot off for FITASC, between Brad Kidd, Jr (HOA) and Gebben Miles (Runner Up) shooting for HOA and Cory Kruse and Trevor Jensen shooting for 3rd overall. Dominic ends up Junior Runner-Up.

Our Laporte Pro Shooters won all Prelim events too: Bobby Fowler Jr.took HOA on Thursday (96/100) and won the snooker when Brad Kidd, Jrtook HOA on Friday (97/100).

Our Laporte Family has only one word for you guys after this weekend performances: MERCI!

It’s looking very good and promising with the Nationals starting in a few days. Good luck everyone there!

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