Environmentally friendly clay targets



The use of eco-friendly clay targets is growing all around the world, after some countries have regulated the PAH content in the material used for the clay targets, and also the ISSF is requiring them in all ISSF World Championships as well as in the Olympic Games.

LAPORTE is been always the pioneered producing Eco-Friendly Clays with low environmental impact and have never stopped improving them….. As far back as the 1970’s our CEO, Jean-Michel Laporte received the «Grand Prix de l’Environnement» for the products the company manufactured at that time and to date his environment ethos has remained steadfast and resolute.

We mention very often PAH, but do you know what do these acronyms stand for?

All petroleum-derived materials contain harmful chemicals called PAHs. Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon is a chemical compound containing only carbon and hydrogen. Many of them are found in coal and oil deposits, they are also produced by the thermal decomposition of organic matter, for example, in engines and incinerators or when biomass burns in forest fires.

When we talk about clay targets, the PAH content varies depending on the type of binder used, since the limestone has no ecological impact. When the binder is derived from tar or pitch, the PAH content could be very high.

LAPORTE stopped using coal tar pitch several years ago to align with the rising of Global Environmental Exectations.

At present LAPORTE has a portafolio of 3 different materials to meet the different needs of our clients and market regulations;

  • RP RESIN or the popular clay, with PAH <600mg/kg, which is still acceptable in most countries at the best price.
  • ECO RESIN with PAH <10mg/kg which is much lower than the maximum PAH rate imposed by the ISSF which is 50 mg/kg. LAPORTE ECO CLAYS have a good price and a low impact in the environment.
  • NATURAL PINE RESIN, with 0 PAH. This raw material is extracted of the alive pine trees and it has many advantages due to their natural origin, it has chemical harmlessness and ecofriendly properties and owns clear tendency to biodegradability.


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