New brochure of clay targets!

We are launching our new brochure of clay targets!

LAPORTE is pleased to introduce our new and stunning brochure of clay targets, which includes the widest range of clay targets available on the market to fulfil the expectations of the most exigent shooters, clubs and clay shooting dealers.

In the new brochure of LAPORTE clay targets, we have incorporated wide information about the environmentally-friendly clay targets and also some advices about how to take care of them.

  • Environmentally-Friendly clay targets

Sustainability and care for the environment are two factors of growing concern. For this reason, clay pigeon shooting is increasingly transforming to use more environmentally friendly materials.

SINCE 1990, LAPORTE has been producing Eco-Friendly Clays with low environmental impact and have never stopped improving them….. As far back as the 1970’s our CEO, Jean-Michel Laporte received the «Grand Prix de l’Environnement» for the products the company manufactured at that time and to date his environment ethos has remained steadfast and resolute.

In this brochure we want to explain the differences in ecological terms of the different types of clay targets so that you can select the most convenient to your needs and the legal requirements prevailing in your market.

  • Take care of your clay targets

Our targets are manufactured to be fragile in order that they break easily for shooters. We use reinforced packaging to avoid any breakage and also take care of the packaging, wrapping and handling until our clay targets are loaded. But when the clays arrived to the client’ premises, it is important for optimum use that they are handled with care. That’s the reason because we are providing you with this list of advices that will help you to take a better care of the clay targets until they are released.


You can download here our new brochure of clay targets.


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