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Olympic Quality LAPORTE ®  Affordable price.  this is the Zero PAH Version

With billions of targets sold on the 5 continents since 1927, LAPORTE ® has established itself as a true leader in the design and production of Clays.

With a diameter of 110mm, the LAPORTE ® competition target is the culmination of extensive research for an even more efficient and effective design: The stepped edge allows the target to withstand rapid, precision release and still break easily. The knurled pattern of the throwing edge ensures maximum rotation and excellent stability in flight”

This model is approved by the ISSF and it has been specially designed for use in high-level competitions and has exceeded the demands and expectations of the most accomplished shooters worldwide. The unique design is the result of many years of research.

Suitable for all disciplines and machines.

NOTE:- this model is environmentally friendly, with PAH =0 mg/kg*.

*Current analysis results. Never over 50PAH


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