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Pro Quality the LAPORTE ® GRAND PRIX ® model is approved by the ISSF and used in most high-level competitions. This is the Zero PAH Version

The LAPORTE ® GRAND PRIX ® with its unique design is a world leader in target engineering. Suitable for all disciplines and machines.

The dimples or numerous square indentations are real lead ‘catchers’, which avoid ricochet and considerably increase the breakability of the clay.

The Lead Catchers® is a worldwide exclusive design created by  LAPORTE ® to guarantee perfect breakability of the target at the very first impact.

Unlike the rounded hollow profile of a golf ball, this design prevents any rebound or slippage of the target upon launch improving shooter scores.

The LAPORTE ® GRAND PRIX ® meets also the following characteristics:

  • Weather grooves to prevent clays from sticking in damp conditions.
  • Interior grooves to increase breakability and improve scores.
  • Driving band with more ridges for maximum rotation and excellent stability in flight. This reinforced design allows the clay to be thrown at a distance of more than 100 m.
  • Dome profile for a more aerodynamic flight.
  • Chamfered edge to avoid the need to adjust the of clay separators of the machines thus greatly reducing the number of no-birds.

This model has been specially designed for use in high-level competitions and has exceeded the demands and expectations of the most accomplished shooters worldwide. The unique design is the result of many years of research.

FLASH ® EFFECT; With our perfectly balanced mix smoke on impact creating our famous Flash Effect”


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Target Size

98 mm, 3.85 inches

Target Weight

110 gr, 3.88 oz

Target Height

15 mm, 0.59 inches


15 mm, 0.59 inches

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