Twinlap 12C

The return of the legendary Twinlap!

The LAPORTE TWINLAP 12C has a capacity of 350 clays per trap and a firing distance of forty-five to a hundred meters (depending on the spring used). Taking advantage of the latest technological advancements this Laporte model it is equipped with an electromagnet ensuring an instant release of the target as well double knife separators.   The LAPORTE TWINLAP 12C base provides horizontal movement offering various firing angles from twenty-three to seventy-seven degrees.

The inbuilt  electro-mechanical plate is powered by a twelve volt battery. The trap itself powered by a 88A/h battery will launch in excess of five thousands clays (depending on the spring).

The trap is supplied as standard with a 50m cable remote control. Laporte guarantees the 185 DTL 12C for two years. The throwing arm comes with a lifetime warranty.


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