Unveiled at the 53rd ISSF World Cup in Baku, an event for which we were Golden Sponsor, our new clay was unanimously acclaimed, and the scores speak for themselves!

Its honeycomb structure, with angled cavities, transfers maximum kinetic energy on impact to each projectile.

On the inside, there are alternating solid arcs (4.2 mm thick) and primers so thin (1.3 mm thick) that they are translucent when a light source passes through them. It’s the perfect combination for total target dislocation on impact.

The Grand Prix 24g model has also been rebalanced, with the transfer of mass to the periphery of the target limiting ‘no-targets’ and increasing its inertia, giving it a flight path less sensitive to the effects of wind and gravity.

With its two registered designs and two patents, the GP24g is without doubt the clay target ever conceived.