How to choose the clay target colour

We are often asked for some advice concerning the colour of the clay and which colour is more appropriate depending on the background, the field and the light to improve the visibility.

We would like to make a short guide to help you to choose the most suitable colour of clay target for your training or competition.


Orange clay target 

Also known as light orange or orange fluor. It is the most popular colour in clay shooting, generally used in all kind of situations and for almost 100% of the competitions.

It is often supplied with black, brown or beige bottom, depending on the raw material used for manufacturing the clay, that means, the bottom is not been painted. However, the market is also starting to demand clay targets also painted at the bottom, which are available under request.



Orange clay targets are often suitable for any kind of background, field and light, and can be even used for night clay shooting, but this would also depend on the brightness of the orange, since not all orange clay targets available on the market are the same, depending on the colour used by the manufacturer, the orange might tend to red or to off orange, this is an important factor to consider before placing an order and organising a clay shooting event. Laporte orange clay targets is bright and fluor and it offers nowadays a Flash Effect, with our perfectly balanced mix, the smoke on impact creates a flashy effect.

Orange reverse painted


Black clay target

Black clay targets are also popular and are often used with blue background, it could be a water background or a blue sky.


White clay target

White clay targets are often used for clay shooting at night.

Yellow and Green Fluor clay target

Yellow and green fluor clay targets are often used in dark green forested backgrounds.

Pink clay target

Pink clay targets are becoming more popular. They are also considered highly visible and are often used to make a difference in the competition or event.


Other colours of clay targets: red, green, yellow

Other colours are every time more used for making more attractive and original the competition, carrying out a special game, or also in sporting clay shooting, they are becoming very popular.




This guide is open to your comments about the colour of the clays, we would like to hear your experience with the colour of the clay target and which clay target colour do you like shooting.

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