Our Targets and their different resins

PR, ecological and natural resins: A cleaner world!

Since 1990, LAPORTE® has been producing eco-friendly targets and has never stopped improving them… As early as the 1970s, Jean Michel Laporte was awarded the “Grand Prix for the Environment” for products manufactured at that time and, to this day, his environmental ethic has remained unwavering and determined.

The choice of target materials to be used depends on each customer and is dependent on the rules in force in their country, including the treatment of waste.

LAPORTE® can supply PITCH, ECO or NATURAL resins to meet your financial and legal requirements.

BIODEGRADABILITY is the ability of living organisms to biologically degrade organic matter to basic substances such as water, carbon dioxide, methane, basic elements and biomass. Laporte uses natural biodegradable pigments to paint its targets. Regardless of the type of resin used, 30% of a target is made up of a mineral filler that naturally returns to the ground without any environmental impact.

It is necessary to mix two components to make a target:

A BINDER based on PETROLEUM RESIN or VEGETABLE RESIN: 1/3 of the target
A LOAD of CALCIUM in the form of a fine powder: 2/3 of the target

The materials are heated to a high temperature and then mixed thoroughly. The resulting paste is moulded and then rapidly cooled to give the result known by all shooters.
The quality of the raw material, the proportions used and the expertise of our engineers enable us to manufacture products that meet the expectations of sportsmen and women and respect environmental standards.

Since CLAY SHOOTING exist, targets have been evolving. The real birds were replaced by a glass ball, then came the clay targets. In reality, the clay targets do not contain clay, but a neutral material (carbonate) and a binder.

Coal pitch was first used before being replaced by petroleum pitch and then by the petroleum and vegetable resins (rosin) that Laporte®, concerned about the environment, has been using for nearly 20 years.

Our supplier has created for us a petroleum resin with a very low PAH* content. It is a black resin that has been carefully prepared to respect the environment and limit soil pollution. It is available in most countries.

We produce over 1.5 million clays per day, making us the European leader in terms of production.

We use the most experienced laboratories such as VERITAS to carry out a thorough analysis to ensure that the targets are of the highest quality.

In the interests of transparency, you can download the various analysis reports for our materials below.

We are proud to comply with all country and ISSF regulations with our various products.

*PAH: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons – These are chemical compounds found in fossil fuels that are known to be organic pollutants.

PR Analysis ECO Analysis NATURAL Analysis