Simulated game

Find the simulated hunt products of Laporte® brand

At the end of the 18th century, Emile Laporte, like most hunters, was bored when the hunting season came to an end.

This was the driving force that led him to develop the first European clay pigeons and the first automatic launchers.

Emile wanted to simulate hunting and so, clay pigeon shooting was added to the sport of shooting !

This discipline proposed by the LAPORTE group allows hunters to practice shooting all year round.
It only takes an hour and a half to install.

The parts that make up the rail allow it to adapt to uneven terrain, giving the boar’s trajectory a very natural look.

The modular rail system supplied with the Current Boar allows for trajectories from 20 to 50 meters. Available in Swinging or Rocking Boar.

Our trailers

TTreat yourself to a unique shooting experience with Laporte trailers. The different configuration options as well as the long-lasting batteries allow you to practice as long as you need and want !

Running boar

Our running boar has been used to establish the mandatory hunting license test in France and Germany. This official test was created by Jean-Michel LAPORTE in association with the government.

Gravity Range

The latest innovation invented by the LAPORTE group, the Gravity range allows you to achieve extreme and perfect trajectories, up to 70° in all directions. The launcher is also equipped with a variable speed system that can be controlled remotely by radio.