Why Laporte ?

Imported in France in 1927 by Emile LAPORTE the inventor of the first “hand-held launcher”, clay pigeon shooting  is a family affair at LAPORTE.

LAPORTE is present in many international competitions and championships.

Recognized by the Olympic organizing committees, know-how and reliability are the key words that contribute to our reputation.

« Our Target, your Success! »

An exceptional longevity

Built with an alloy of more than 60% aluminium, our machines are exceptionally robust and durable. It is common for our service technicians to work on machines that are more than 30 years old. This increased life span is a pillar of the brand.

Proven quality

LAPORTE® products benefit from an incomparable experience acquired in the field, during countless international events, but also thanks to our thousands of fully satisfied customers.

Reliable and competitive, our launchers withstand the worst conditions, from extreme heat, humid areas, rain and even snow!

World-renowned quality

All our launchers are manufactured in France with a technical know-how recognized on five continents for decades. We implement strict quality controls and test each machine thoroughly before shipping.

Our goal: your satisfaction.

Every year, thousands of machines leave our factory and are shipped all over the world. Their quality, durability and performance are exceptional. These attributes have allowed Laporte Group to remain a successful global company for over 95 years.

The 10 reasons to choose LAPORTE

  • Throwing Distance : from 5m to 140m (depending  options).

  • Low no-bird rate: Anti-vibration system on the launch arm prevents target vibration

  • Operating temperature range of -25 to 50 degrees

  • One-piece cast aluminium body for exceptional strength

  • Extremely accurate and consistent trajectory due to the three-point target holding system

  • Less Than 1% No-Birds Using Laporte® Clays

  • Non-deforming launch arm with lifetime warranty

  • Long life due to the use of high-quality components

  • Motor and electronic board protected against battery underfeed

  • Quality control at each stage of manufacturing