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Invented by LAPORTE ®, the FLASH ® Olympic type model was specially designed and patented for the first time by Jean-Michel LAPORTE to give a more dynamic telegenic experience of ball trap competitions and used for the first time at the London Olympic Games.

Made from natural resin, it is the environmentally friendly ZERO PAH version.

Approved by the ISSF, the flash type board is the only one to contain, in the concave part of its body, 3 grams of 100% ecological powder (available in a variety of colours) held by an exclusive biodegradable capsule and 27 welding points. When the target is hit, a brightly coloured cloud is formed, ideal for TV finals.

The Flash target also retains all the structural characteristics of a standard target for high level competition and has met the exacting standards and expectations of accomplished shooters.

Can be used in all disciplines and on all machines, the LAPORTE ® Flash target are the best !


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