PC 12C MIDI 70mm PRO

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CAPACITY 400 targets
ANGLE (Vertical) 65°
WEIGHT 72 kg
WARRANTY 3 years
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Mini in name only

In the 185 line, the 185 PC Mini 70mm 12C PRO is a mini 70mm target launcher. It brings together the latest technological innovations in the LAPORTE® PRO range, including a new launch plate for better positioning of the plate at the start, a high-performance double knife system allowing the separation of the plates and a new body for even greater stability of the machine.

Benefiting from the latest innovations in the LAPORTE® PRO range, the 185 PC Mini 70 12C PRO goes even further in precision and performance.

A real technological feat, it combines four machines in one, thanks to its new adjustable base. The base allows a multitude of shooting positions with lateral (35° to the right and 35° to the left) and vertical (maximum height of 65°) adjustment. The addition of an extra base allows the machine to be tilted 65° to the left, right and even forward (-65°).

The 185 PC Mini 70mm 12C PRO combines reliability, robustness and ease of use. All parts are treated against corrosion.

Equipped with an electro-mechanical plate integrated in the body, powered in 12V, this launcher can deliver more than 5000 clays with a single 88 A/h battery (depending on the spring).

Maintenance operations are reduced. Accurate trajectories regardless of its orientation. Very fine lateral adjustment. Unbreakable arm. LAPORTE®, a guarantee of quality since 1927, guarantees the 185 PC Mini 70mm 12C PRO for 3 years.


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