Range Master X2PRO Control Unit

Reference : 1120810

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– fully featured state-of-the-art sequencer

– Instant release voice recognition (phono pull unit built in)

– large LCD display 4×40 for easy operation

– chip card reader / chip card payment built in

– real random sequences for Trap FO/FU

– timer for skeet

– 100% ISSF and FITASC compliancy

– counter (resettable) for targets released

– adjustable, instant release phono-pull unit

– activity lights on microphones supported

– no-bird control per shooter in payment modes

– built in RS232 data interface

– no switching and cable pulling when changing between Trap and Skeet (8+5 micros directly connectable)

– auto-continue of rounds aborted due to power loss

– no bird sensor/detector built in


Disciplines (Contact Us):

– Olympic Trap round, finals, shoot offs, training mode

– Trap FU, Trap FA, Trap JFO-DE,Trap JFA-DE



– DT 2017 round, shoot off

– Skeet round, shoot offs, finals, training mode

– Skeet J-AT, SKEET J-DE

– Sporting manual

– Compak sporting 40 FITASC schemes + optional inline mode


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