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Water-Repellent Fabric

To ensure your shotgun’s maximum protection, the Shotgun Sock is crafted with high-quality water-repellent fabric. This advanced material provides a reliable barrier against rain and moisture, keeping your shotgun dry and protected even in the most adverse weather conditions.

Alcantara Finish

Chosen for its durability and softness, the Alcantara finish protects the shotgun’s resting points within the sock. This detail not only adds an elegance touch but ensures your shotgun is securely housed without the risk of scratches or damage.

Cotton Lining

Our shotgun sock’s cotton lining is designed to absorb moisture, preventing rust formation on your shotgun. This feature is essential for keeping your shotgun in optimal condition, especially after use on humid or rainy days.

Adjustable Closure

With its practical elastic adjustable closure, the Laporte Shotgun Sock can be easily tailored to your shotgun’s size. This flexibility ensures perfect adherence and protection for any shotgun type, offering a customized solution for every shooter.

Thoughtfully Designed Capacity

Measuring a total length of 51.57 inches (131 cm), our shotgun sock is designed to accommodate a wide variety of shotguns, including those with barrels equipped with choke tubes and shotguns with “Monte Carlo” style or adjustable stocks. This attention to detail ensures that the Laporte Shotgun Sock is the ideal choice for every shooter, regardless of the discipline they practice.


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