Hunting licence

Inventé par Jean-Michel Laporte

The basic package includes :

– 6 fixed launchers
– 1 mobile launcher
– 2 rotating silhouettes
– 1 fixed silhouette
– 1 transmitter box
– 4 control boxes
– 1 set of spare parts
– 1 self-reversing boar.
– The connecting cables.

However, several options can be proposed to you. Depending on the number of candidates expected, we adapt the type of launcher used.

We will also be with you for the training of the personnel in charge of the use, guaranteeing the success of the system.
These facilities are intended for the examination, but they are also used for the training and practice of candidates. It is also possible to use them for shooting activities such as Compak Sporting®, which is particularly attractive to hunters, during the off-season. These activities thus contribute to the profitability of the facilities.